Urban Design Sprint

Reimagining the streets in the advent of autonomous vehicles.

The Challenge: A global series of problem-solving workshops (Design Sprints), where experts from the technology, transportation, planning, design, and policy fields came together to explore urban opportunities to re-imagine public space in an era of autonomous vehicles. The key challenge was to enable meaningful contributions from over 250 participants from across 9 office locations around the world, while accounting for their diverse backgrounds and expertise within the limited time-frame.

The Solution: Robert designed the workshop format and supporting materials to be used by local teams in each location and facilitated the London workshop, where he guided participants through 6 steps from: understanding the challenges and opportunities of the topic, to prototyping and validating participants’ ideas. After the sprint workshops, he supported the lead researcher on the conclusions report of emerging ideas – the results of which positioned Buro Happold for responding to future implications of autonomous vehicles in the urban environment, and has been described as, ‘a more practical way to build meaningful relationships in projects’.

The Value: Robert has since refined the workshop format to structure many similar events for both internal and external topics, including: ‘Health-first Urban Resilience’, New York Resilience Summit, 2017; ‘Scotland’s Arctic Future’ Scottish Government Design Sprint, 2018; ‘Redesigning the Curb’, Harvard University Design School, 2018; ‘Designing for Student Wellbeing’, Edinburgh Design Sprint, 2019.

For more: see the article featured on burohappold.com or download PDF a copy of the conclusions report.