A new mark for an old friend: Japan Society

The UK’s leading body dedicated to enhancing the relationship between Britain and Japan embarked on a comprehensive rebranding project. The project revitalized its visual identity, logo, print materials, and website. With a membership base of over 1000 people, the society organizes numerous events and provides a wide range of resources to promote deep and lasting understanding between the two countries.

The rebranding process involved a strategic approach to effectively represent the society’s mission and values. The visual identity received a modern update, capturing the essence of the organization’s commitment to fostering a strong relationship between Britain and Japan. The new logo design symbolizes the harmonious connection between the two nations and serves as a visual representation of the society’s purpose.

The website underwent a comprehensive transformation, which included information architecture to enhance usability, content planning to deliver relevant and engaging information, and user interface design to provide an easy and visually appealing user experience.

The fresh visual identity and website positioned the society to continue its impactful work, attract new members, and reflect its commitment as the primary facilitator of cultural and business exchange between Britain and Japan.