Greenprints for a healthy city: London regeneration exhibition

The exhibition at The Building Centre in London showcased Renewal’s plans for a new neighborhood, emphasizing the integration of sport, recreation, and well-being in urban environments. It highlighted the importance of sport as a “common field of play” within communities and its potential to enhance residents’ quality of life.

The exhibition was meticulously curated to combine visual references of sport court markings to promote physical activity and architectural blueprints (or ‘greenprints’) to emphasize sustainable design practices. It demonstrated how the proposed neighborhood would incorporate green spaces, eco-friendly infrastructure, and sustainable materials.

Through interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and the NLA’s Central London Model, visitors gained a comprehensive understanding of the new neighborhood and could visualize it in the context of the city’s existing urban fabric.

The exhibition aimed to inspire architects, urban planners, and the public to envision dynamic, healthy, and community-centric cities. It showcased the transformative potential of thoughtful urban planning and its ability to create vibrant, sustainable, and people-centric spaces.