Paralysis of Information

A series of typographic experiments for dissertation project, exploring the concepts and techniques of deceptive and manipulative nature of ‘spin’ in communication, rhetoric and politics. Research and collation of manifestos, speeches, interviews, journalistic analysis and public surveys all formed a basis for the work. This uncovered the use of common techniques, such as intentional ambiguity, cherry picking of facts, skirting, and simple denial of a common truth. The design response aimed to juxtapose selected themes of superficiality from the data, by establishing them as physical and tangible manifestations.

Paralysis of Information

An appropriation of Bridget Riley’s Op art (optical art) and moirĂ©. This combined with a bespoke modular typeface. Moire patterns are often an undesired artefact of recorded footage so this undesired aesthetic was intended to reference the recalling of politicians’ information for fact-checking. This typeface’s manifestation was created by securing graphics to translucent acrylic, and shining light directly at the subject, then shining a light from ‘behind the scenes’ in order to reveal more information.