Spotlighting best practices for city leaders: C40 Inclusive Climate Action study

Background: The C40 Cities Inclusive Climate Action programme provided a best-practice knowledge resource for city Mayors. The case study aimed to showcase actions that jointly tackle climate change and social inequities. The project’s primary research included a series of interviews with city representatives from a variety of places and socio-economic contexts.

Role: Social Research & Communications Lead

  • Rob synthesised interviews and highlighted key learnings as visually-rich stories within a guidebook designed for city leaders.
  • Following the guidebook design, communications materials of the resource were produced to be distributed via digital channels to maximise its reach and shareability.

Impact: The Inclusive Climate Action in Practice guidebook increased the impact and broadened the reach of traditionally inaccessible urban development resources. Positive client feedback described the guidebook as subsequently becoming C40’s “gold standard” for all other guidance resources for city majors.